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TRESCA focuses on understanding and developing trust in science communication. It concentrates efforts on innovating communication practices between scientific researchers, journalists and policy makers by drawing on the expertise of a diverse set of partners from multidisciplinary backgrounds. Get in touch

Call to action! Are you a researcher? We would like to hear from you what incentives or disincentives you experience when you engage in science communication. For more information, please visit our News and Events page or go directly to the questionnaire. You can participate until 16 August 2020.

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This project was designed with the aim of building long-term impact and creating positive change through engaging with and training stakeholders such as scientists, journalists, policy makers and the public.

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TRESCA’s primary goal is understanding how science communication can help rebuild trust in science and scientific experts.

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Digital devices and services increasingly permeate people’s everyday life, which is why TRESCA relies on visual communications to empower and inform people with knowledge to thrive in today’s digital environment.

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Three key societal developments are at the centre of TRESCA: misinformation and digital safety, environmental health, and automation and the future of skills and work.