TRESCA Results

Here you can find and download available results from the TRESCA project, including deliverable reports. The reports are grouped per work package and are free to download and use, if referenced appropriately. Deliverables marked as confidential are only available to consortium members and the Commission Services.

Disclaimer: Unless marked as ‘under review,’ the available deliverables have been reviewed and accepted by representatives of the European Commission. For all available deliverables, the responsibility for the information and views expressed in these reports lies with the authors.

Copyright: These documents and their contents are the property of the TRESCA consortium. The content of all parts of (public) documents can be used and distributed, provided that the project and authors are referenced appropriately.

If you would like to learn more about the project and workplan, please visit our About page.

D1.1Meta-Analysis map: relevant factors shaping public perception of science communicationJun 2020Download report [pdf]
D1.2Science communication and policy trend report and policy briefJul 2020Download report [pdf]
D1.3Report with elaborated focus area descriptions and trending topic analysisMay 2020Download report [pdf]
D1.4Fully developed scenario description for video scripting and developmentJun 2020Download report [pdf]
D1.5Overview of (Dis)Incentives for scientists to engage in SciComSep 2020Download report [pdf]
D2.1Citizen SciCom workshop plan and scripting, instructions and recruitment strategyJun 2020Download report [pdf]
D2.2Dataset with transcriptions and other qualitative data from the workshopsDec 2020Confidential
D2.3Synthesis report of SciCom Communication WorkshopsMar 2021Download report [pdf]
D3.1Set of illustrated vignettes with questionsAug 2020Download report [pdf]
D3.2Complete and cleaned factorial survey datasetJan 2021Confidential
D3.3Experimental survey analysis and synthesis reportJun 2021
D4.1New SciCom video script and storyboardDec 2020Download report [pdf]
D4.2White paper on best practices for producing science communication videosJan 2021Download report [pdf]
D4.3Science communication enhanced SciCom videoAug 2021Watch the video [YouTube]
D4.4Proof-of-Concept (PoC) of Misinformation WidgetMay 2021
D4.5White paper on potential benefits of developing a misinformation widget for encrypted communicationsMay 2021
D5.1MOOC development and implementation reportMay 2021
D5.2MOOC development and implementation reportJun 2021
D5.3Testing, evaluation, and revision of MOOC reportDec 2021
D5.4Public launch of MOOC and press releaseFeb 2022
D5.5Integration plan of TRESCA knowledge into advanced university programsFeb 2022
D6.1Project website, social media accounts, and other communication channelsApr 2020Download report [pdf]
D6.2Planned EventsMar 2020Download report [pdf]
D6.3Final consortium external engagement and events reportFeb 2022
D6.4Academic articles submitted to peer-reviewed journalFeb 2022
D6.5Blog section of project website liveMay 2020Download report [pdf]
D6.6Final Policy Brief*

*This policy brief reflects only the author’s view and the European Commission/REA is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

Feb 2022Download report [pdf]
D6.7Exploitation plan Science Communication Artefacts and MOOCApr 2022
D6.8Concluding conference report and evaluationApr 2022
D7.1Kickoff meeting reportFeb 2020
D7.2Data management planApr 2020Download report [pdf]
D7.3Collated internal advise on TRESCA projectApr 2022
D7.4Risk management and quality assurance planMay 2020Download report [pdf]
D7.5Release of Anonymised DatasetSep 2021
D8.1H - POPD - Requirement No. 1Mar 2020Confidential
D8.2POPD - Requirement No. 2Mar 2020Confidential
D8.3POPD - Requirement No. 3Mar 2020Confidential